Saturday, June 27, 2009

I thought I would add a few of my items that I was getting ready to

post on Craig’s L is t!

Thanks for including me in your email l is t!

Lee Lloyd

568.6088 or

*I have 3 brand new filters for your house (furnace/a/c system)

that I bought and were the wrong size. They are the Filtete 1250 Ultra Allergen Size 20x25x1. Free to anyone that can use th is size!! I have no idea where the receipt is and where I got them from! I just want to give them to someone that can use them!

*I have a shower that we took out of a bathroom that we never used

I think it was used 3 times by the previous owners!

The size is 36x36x80. Price: $10

*We have 2 extremely nice wood room by-pass slider doors (use these to divide rooms/privacy screens) Will fit 7 foot opening and they are 8 feet tall. Will need track and hardware (not included).

Price: $200 OBO (will send photo’s upon request)

*Little Tykes Playground

Little Tikes Playground. This extra-large gym in dazzling tropical colors provides playground slides for unlimited hours of climbing sliding and crawling fun for children of all ages There are four different play levels a large play area underneath and a sturdy crawl-through tunnel Two slides are included one 3-foot and an extra-long wavy 6-foot slide Little Tikes specializes in plastic toys so durability and weather res is tance are built-in features Fun toys like th is climber with playground slides are a great bargain and a great way to keep your children safe while giving them plenty of exerc is e. Retails at $650.00 (not including shipping- you can only order th is online).

Details: about 3 years old and has slight discoloration from the sun. In great condition. My children have loved this and call it the castle slide. $200 (won’t find a better deal).

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