Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Park Information

The city has been given 5 million dollars from BLM (that does not need to be paid back!!) for the new McCullough Vista Park, which will be on the NW corner of Greenway & Mission.

They had a big white tent out a few weeks ago -- in case you were wondering what the heck it was! To make a long story short -- we have the ability to ask for what amenities we would like to have at "our" park.

The city has planned for a "tiny tots" section, a basketball court and a few other things. I asked if they were going to be putting in a few water items since is it so hot most of the year, giving our kids a chance to cool off when they are playing.

I was told that they had not planned to put water features in because Mission Hills had water features already. I felt that since we live in the desert a few water features should at least make the top 3 on the list of features to put in! I was told that if this was a feature that the community wanted, they would need to place calls to let them know.

So if you are interested in having water features please call them, have your friends, parents and grandparents call to let them know that this is something that you want. I was told by our city Councilwoman that if there is enough of a response for it, then they will add that in. But without that response from us, they will put in what they want.

I know that when we go to Mission Hills it can be quite busy, so it would be nice to have another place to go! If you are interested in the water features -- you can call the city at 267-4090 ask for Lynnette Meagher and also make a separate call to Councilwoman Gerri Schroder at 267-2403.

If you know other people in the neighborhood or others that I did not email this too, please just forward this to them or tell them about it!

Thanks -- Valerie Kleinman

Here is a web address you can go to!


Please Note:
C of H Parks & Rec Dept. will be hosting a 2nd PublicMeeting
regarding the McCullough Vista Neighborhood Park
Wednesday, Sept. 23 5- 6:30 pm.,
Presentation at 5:30 PMOn Site of Future Park;
NW Corner of Greenway & Mission Roads
If you are unable to attend, you can direct all comments by October 7th

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